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About Us



An American company with a particular focus on manufacturing nutritional supplements. 


Motor City Naturals caters to brands looking to expand their offerings or labels looking to get started with a high-quality, reliable and efficient manufacturing partner for their product needs. Whether you are a small start-up or a large operation, we can help. Please read on to find out more about the perks you will enjoy by working with Motor City Naturals as your supplement manufacturing partner!​

A modern facility for all of your supplement manufacturing needs.


Motor City Naturals' production facility is located in Warren, Michigan (USA). With a vast and wide-ranging experience across the North American market (Canada and the United States), Motor City Naturals set out to develop a production facility that is absolutely state-of-the-art, equipped with the latest technologies in order to manufacture quality supplement products that will match and exceed industry standards, as well as addressing all safety and health concerns (the facility is also approved by Health Canada).


A Passionate Team You Can Trust.


It’s not just about top-of-the-line equipment, modern tools, and extraordinary facilities: our people are at the core of it all, with an incomparable passion for nutrition!

Motor City Naturals' team consists of skilled, experienced and passionate professionals with a true drive to excel and manufacture the best possible supplement products to match the needs, wishes and demands of our customers. Our trusted team is always keen on researching and improving on our formulation and work, as well always strive to remain highly competitive and advanced in such a growing and fast-paced market.


Wholesome ingredients with no compromises.


At Motor City Naturals, we deeply care about sourcing the best possible ingredients. This is the reason why we tirelessly network with the best suppliers on the market, securing premium materials, raw ingredients and more. Each and every raw material we work with undergoes GMP compliant quality inspections and other control checks. Among other materials, we are able to work with antioxidants, minerals, enzymes, vitamins, probiotics, amino acids, herbs and many other proprietary ingredients.

Customized manufacturing services according to your budget, desired batch quantity and deadlines.


At Motor City Naturals, we are able to cater to most requests and make things happen: just get in touch with your vision and we'll find a way to take the next steps towards the best possible manufacturing process, with the most genuine ingredients available.


No order is actually too big or too small for Motor City Naturals. We are able and happy to cater to different batch sizes and accommodate a customer’s needs and budget demands. MCN is able to work with small, medium and large brands alike, and regardless of the size of the batch on order, we are always able to guarantee delivery within the established deadline.

Motor City Naturals is able to offer a quick turnaround and process all batches within any pre-established time frame that was agreed upon.


Feel free to get in touch with us for further details or information.

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